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Freedom to Move

Power to Perform

Kelsey Griffing is Northwest Arkansas's choice for

Elite Equine Bodywork and Wellness.

Release. Repair. Restore.

Kelsey Griffing provides elite equine bodywork through a variety of massage therapy techniques, acupressure, Cold Laser Therapy, Red Light Therapy, fascia work, kinesiology taping and saddle fit consultations. Kelsey is an experienced bodyworker that takes a full body approach to develop the best program for your horse’s recovery and maintenance. While performing bodywork the focus is to release tension, restore movement and repair tissue for the purpose of assisting in injury prevention and improving comfort.


I believe in taking a full body approach to each horse I work with while creating an individual plan to improve their overall flexibly, strength, comfort and well being.  


Happy Clients' Horses



"Kelsey is honestly the best horsewoman I’ve ever met! She really knows how to help every horse and is such an amazing person to work with! I’m only mad because she doesn’t live here anymore to work on all the ponies in my barn. You can really feel the difference in your horse after she works on them, it’s truly amazing. You’re the bomb Kelsey!!!"

Hannah W.

"I was skeptical about how much a massage would help my horses. I had one lesson pony who was bucking (not great for beginners!). I had treated her for ulcers and thrown tons of money into her to no avail. I was reluctant to sell a bucking pony because I didn't know where she would end up. I saw a post on Facebook where Kelsey was working at a friend's barn. What the heck? Why not try this? I had tried everything else! Kelsey came out and evaluated the pony, finding lots of soreness, tightness, old muscle pulls, etc. She was bucking out of pain. Kelsey worked on Bella for at least two hours and then we turned her out. The very next day, I hopped on her just to see if there was any difference. NO Bucking! Bella was put back into the lesson program and is now everyone's favorite. She needs massages periodically to keep her in top shape. I highly recommend Kelsey to anyone who wants to improve their horse's performance and comfort!"

Beth M.

"Hands down the best equine body work I've ever used. My horses would stand at the gate when Kelsey pulled up, something they never do except when it's dinner time. She completely changed my expectations of what body work can do"

Kaitlin M.

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