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Muscle Monday! - Brachiocepalicus

Updated: Jan 28, 2020


It’s name is a mouth full but it has a big job and is a big muscle! 💪🏽

The Brachiocepalicus is a large superficial neck muscle that extends from the wing of the atlas connecting down to the base of the shoulder. It controls the extension of the leg when the head and neck are straight. It is also responsible for flexing and bending the neck to each side.

💥Related Movement Problems💥

Difficulty turning, initially the horse will attempt to make turns wider or circles larger.

The horse will appear to have a shorter stride, less flexibility and difficulty extending through the shoulder.

This will also cause tension in the opposing hindend as a form of compensation.

Tension at the origin of this muscle will also cause headaches (yes, even horses get headaches!)

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