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Muscle Monday - Cervical & Thoracic Trapezius

Updated: Jan 28, 2020

✨Cervical and Thoracic Trapezius✨

Thin triangular shaped superficial muscles. The cervical trapezius moves the shoulder forward and upward, while the thoracic trapezius draws the shoulder backward and upward.


The cervical trapezius begins on the nuchal ligament from the 2nd cervical vertebrae to the 2nd thoracic vertebrae. It inserts in the spine of the scapula and the fascia of the shoulder. The thoracic trapezius begins at the supraspinous ligament from the 3rd to the 10th thoracic vertebrae and ends at the tuber spinae of the scapula.

💥Related Problems💥

Tightness in the trapezius will result in loss of range of motion, coordination and power/impulsive.

Pain and discomfort in the trapezius will also present as soreness in the withers, sensitivity to the girth, shortness in stride, and difficulty changing leads.

Poor saddle fit on the thoracic trapezius will cause muscle atrophy which presents as hollowness around the wither. Pinching of the saddle in this area will cause less freedom of movement in the shoulder which will lead to tension patterns through the neck and back to compensate.

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