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Muscle Monday - Abdominal Obliques

It’s all about the CORE! A strong core equals a strong back, a weak core equals a weak back!

The Abdominal Obliques are the opposing and supporting muscles to the Longissimus Dorsi. They are responsible for flexing, lifting, supporting, and stabilizing the horse’s back. They also flex the trunk of the horse laterally and compress the abdominal viscera.


The Abs begins at the lateral surface of the ribs behind the 4th rib, and inserts into the linea alba and prepubic tendon.

💥Related Movement Problems💥

Having weak Abdominal Oblique muscles will prevent the back from lifting, causing problems in the back that will cause the body to compensate. (we last week’s post on the Longissimus Dorsi to learn more about movement problems from a sore back) When the Abs are weak there will be a loss of power, reduced lateral flexion and reduced power over fences. The back will look “low”, hollow, and sagging because the core is not supporting it.

If you think your horse has a weak core, reach out to me with any questions you may have. I love working on core strengthening exercises and am happy to work with you to come up with a plan on how to get your horse on the right track with exercises and targeted bodywork!

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