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Muscle Monday - Latissimus Dorsi

🐎Muscle Monday🐎

✨Latissimus Dorsi✨

A thin, very powerful, superficial muscle. The “Lats” job is to draw the humerus upward and backward while flexing the shoulder. When the limb is forward and fixed the Lats draw the trunk of the horse forward.

📍Location📍 The Latissimus Dorsi begins at the connective tissue on the lumbar and thoracic portion of the back and extends as far forward as the highest point of the wither. From there it runs parallel with the scapula to connect to the humerus.

💥Related Problems💥 Tight Lats will cause limited extension of the shoulder, ultimately causing problems in the movement of the opposite hind limb.This is another common muscle to become atrophied from ill-fitting tack.

Often I will find a build up of scar tissue in this muscle that the body has created as a way to protect the muscle. With time I am able to break down this scar tissue with the use of deep tissue massage and red light therapy, but it can be an uncomfortable process that takes many sessions to work through. It’s also important to look at what is causing the scar tissue and make the changes needed.When range of motion is compromised in the Lats the Brachiocephalicus begins to compensate and becomes over worked. This will lead to tensional patterns at the poll and cause the Atlas to shift out of place.

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