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Muscle Monday - Triceps Brachii

🌟Triceps Brachii🌟

The tricep is a large shoulder muscle with two sections, the upper and lower. The upper is responsible for extending the elbow, while the lower’s action is to flex the shoulder and rotate the scapula.

📍Location📍 The Tricep originates at the scapula coming down to insert at the Ulna bone (elbow).

💥Related Problems💥 The first sign of tension in the Tricep is shortened stride. At first lameness may only be noticeable at the extended trot. Eventually, the knee will not extend completely making the problem more noticeable. A horse with tension in the Tricep (usually in the lower end) will also be less willing to canter on the lead and may avoid landing on that lead after jumps.This muscle is also more prone to micro tears in the fascia when it is under repetitive strain. This will eventually cause a build up of scar tissue that will lead to less flexibility in the shoulder.While riding a horse with tension or soreness in the Tricep you will feel the restricted stride and it will feel like they are dropping through that shoulder, most noticeable at the trot. It may even be hard to stay on the correct diagonal due to the movement in that shoulder.

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